Granite vs. Quartz Countertops: A Comparative Analysis

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops: A Comparative Analysis

When it comes to improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, you would never wish to leave a single stone unturned. If they could afford, people would love to bring in the fanciest-ever elements to adorn their house and interiors.

Among all the rooms of your house, kitchen is one of the parts that receive minimal attention. Forget adorning, if it could just receive its basic makeover, it would be one of the parts contributing to the overall healthy appearance of your house.

And among all the basic elements of the kitchen, countertop is one those which has emerged to be a necessity.

This is why, during their kitchen remodeling jobs, kitchen countertops is one of the elements that the people never fail to obtain. However, a common debate prevalent among the masses is relating the distinct materials available to get your countertops in.

For instance, many of the people prefer granite countertops in Dallas, but the followers of quartz countertops are also not less.

So which is your favorite material in terms of a kitchen or bath countertop- Granite or Quartz?

Here is a comparative study of both granite and quartz as countertops materials. Read along to know which one suits your needs better.


Granite: Granite is a purely natural igneous stone which is mined in blocks and sawed in slabs. It is one of the hardest stones available and is also hard-hitting element when it comes to the appearance of the stone.

Quartz: Quartz is a natural stone but is not used to prepare countertops naturally. Instead, crushed natural quartz is mixed with colored pigments in the industries and also with resins as binders. Thus, quartz countertops would normally contain about 90 to 94 percent of quartz.


Comparing Granite And Quartz Countertops:


Durability is probably the very first aspect that you care for, when you wish to a granite or quartz countertop in Dallas or elsewhere.

Both granite and quartz are highly durable as a countertop, but quartz could have a bit of edge over granite. This is since granite is more prone to chipping in its due course and also needs to be resealed almost every other year after its installation.

However, quartz countertops are free from chipping issues and it also does not need much care after installation.

On an average, both these countertop materials would have a lifespan of 25 to 50 years, all depending on the care they receive.


It could be a big, big debate on which one amongst granite and quartz has the best appearance.

Both these countertop materials are strikingly beautiful and are available in various shades of colors to gel well with the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Since granite is a natural stone, it highly differs in its appearance according to the place from where it is obtained. The colors of granite range from greens to blues and earthen to rose etc.

However, since quartz is manufactured artificially, you could get to view similar appearances readily. In fact, you can add colored pigments of your choice to get the desired shades in quartz.

And needless to mention, choice of quartz and granite countertops in terms of their appearance would depend on the ones who need to obtain them.


In terms of costs, quartz and granite countertops could vary a great deal according to the regions they are found in.

Quartz countertops could cost anything in between $65 to $100 in terms of per-square foot installation. Though the costs were much higher in the past, but the application of recent technology has made it absolutely possible to install quartz countertops at cheap costs.

Against this, you can granite countertops as cheap as $30 per square foot if you are ready to compromise with the quality. The normal and standard ones may cost anything around $60 per square foot, while the most extravagant ones could also cost $150 for a square foot countertop.

All-in-all, standard granite countertops could be obtained in a bit cheaper price than the standard quartz countertop in Dallas or anywhere else.

Maintenance Requirements:

As already mentioned, granite countertops may require a periodic sealing and resealing, in order to stay hale and hearty. When properly sealed, they are completely impervious and non-porous in nature.

However, not much of everyday maintenance is demanded to clean them. To keep them stain-free, you just need to wipe them with a clean cloth or wash it with a mild soap solution.

In comparison, quartz countertops need less of maintenance and face no constant sealing requirements. Also, they are a bit more stain-resistant than the granite countertops and could also be cleaned normally.

Heat Resistance:

Both the granite and quartz countertops allow a certain degree of heat resistance. For instance, you can put certain hot pans and boiling pots directly on the countertops without causing any harm to their surface.

However, no wonder you can do this, but you are not allowed to commit this knowingly and regularly. Regular exposure to heat could lead to permanent stains on almost any kind of countertops.

These are some of the major factors on which the people generally select countertops, and quartz and granite countertops in Dallas etc. stay the foremost choice among the masses.

Having assessed their properties, it’s always the choice of the customers of what they desire the most. Also, certain factors such as costs and appearance may also play a vital role in their selection process.

However, whatever materials you choose, an essential aspect to get exemplary outcomes is choosing the best countertop installation servicemen in your area. Experienced and proficient servicemen could always be a guarantee to get the most affordable and quality services.

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